Company Background

Gigi Sebsibe, owner of IMD (Interior Motifs and Design,Plc), is an Ethiopian American Diaspora who, after spending 30 plus years abroad has been back in her native country since 2007 to pursue her lifetime dream of opening her own furniture business.

She has been educated in various institutes of design in the USA and has gained extensive knowledge in the field offurniture retailing,

furniture manufacturing and interior design and decoration. This complimented by her excellent taste and a “good eye” for picking out things of quality and good design has made Gigi a great designer of fine furniture and amazing interiors.

As the Ethiopian economy was emerging and the construction industry was booming, the need for furnishings was becoming clear and this is the time Gigi’s decision was made to give manufacturing a go. After doing interior design for the first 3 years, Gigi took advantage of the current need and on the fourth year the birth of IMD took place. 

Ever since then, IMD furniture has made a namefor itself as a sought- after high end interior designer furniture store. Clients include various embassies, high government offices, modern corporate offices, hotels and elegant private homes. 

Gigi has trained and employed people from all walks of life, paying special attention to giving first opportunity to the youth and senior citizens of her neighbourhood among the employed is a hearing impaired graduate from a technical school. Gigi’s mission and philosophy is to bring her employees to the level of excellence both in quality production and ethical working standards and professionalism. Top notch customer service is also paramount at IMD.

Benefiting from her experience and background, Gigi, at present,  is looking to expand her manufacturing and retailing business to be a more inclusive model where customers will have more upgrades and selections but still remaining focused on exclusively serving a niche market. She’s currently working on designs for the export market and plansto have a small institute where training will be offered for talented and upcoming decorators and designers. Gigi Sebsibe now lives in Addis Ababa.

How we work

Items at IMD are ready-to-go and made-to-order. Our clients can custom design their pieces by selecting their fabrics, wood stains and finishes that we offer.

Featured Clients

Head Office

533 Colson Street
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Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday 10:00AM - 7:00PM

Branch Location

  Century Mall - 3rd Floor Store #320
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Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday 9:00AM - 9:00PM
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